Working Relationship with Your Attorney

The relationship between an attorney and a client usually gets affected during a very long lawsuit due to the changing dynamics as well as the pressure and stress that comes with a prolonged process. Unfortunately, a strained relationship with Texas attorneys can negatively affect your litigation process, which makes it necessary to maintain the best working relationship at all times. Maintaining an excellent relationship throughout the process will greatly increase the odds of a positive outcome and reduce anxiety.

Both the lawyer and the client are responsible for ensuring a good relationship. Some of the things a lawyer should do to ensure good working relationship include informing you of the important developments in the case and including you in the decision-making process. Some of the things you can do to give your attorney with a good environment for litigation include:

Keep your lawyer informed: Failure to provide your lawyer with full information disclosure will be the first reason for the bad relationship. You should give your lawyer all the details and documents that relate to your case even those that you feel are not important and let the lawyer make a decision on what is good for your case.

Maintain clear summaries and timelines of your case: It is always important to write down summaries of events that led to the lawsuit to ensure that you will not be giving the lawyer contradictory information. You should also help the lawyer gather materials and certain facts about your case in occasions where you have easier access to information.

Respond to lawyer requests promptly: You must realize that lawyers work under strict deadlines and thus, you should always avail yourself or the requested information at the earliest time possible. If you will not be able to respond immediately, you should communicate to the lawyer immediately to enable him or her rearrange other things to accommodate the delay. You should also realize that giving your lawyer the requested documents at the earliest possible time will give the attorney more time to prepare your case and thus, increase the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Maintaining a perfect working relationship with an attorney will not only improve the likeliness of a positive outcome but it will also help you save money and cost of changing your lawyers.